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10 фанатов Спартака арестованы в Глазго

Если в двух словах, то 10 красно-белых арестованы в Глазго за якобы участие в беспорядках. Все серьезно, 3 января предполагается суд. Со слов очевидцев, взяли их ни за что - ни каких-либо драк, ни сопротивления аресту не было. Попростоу оказались не в том месте не в том время.
Российское консульство и фан-клуб в курсе и должны заниматься данным вопросом. Как только станет ясно, нужна ли задержанным какая-либо помощь, мы разместим у нас соответствующую информацию.

В продолжение - новость с английского сайта:
Two Spartak Moscow fans breached the peace by fighting while they were in Glasgow to watch their team play Celtic.

Alexey Fedorov and Alexsey Filatov both admitted the charge at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Friday.

The pair had been involved in fighting at the city’s Gallowgate at Fielden Street on Wednesday, when Spartak and Celtic met in a Champions League group stage game.

Fedorov, 22, and 36-year-old Filatov, who also admitted resisting arrest by struggling violently and lashing out with his arms and legs, were both remanded in custody until their next court appearances in the New Year.

The court also heard Fedorov, from Moscow, is charged with assaulting a police officer by kicking him on the head and body to his injury during the incident. It is not known whether the trouble flared before or after the football match.

He pled not guilty and will go on trial next month. Both men will be sentenced for breaching the peace in January.

Four other fans who were following the Russian side were arrested and charged with fighting with Celtic fans.

Evgeny Morozov, 23, Vladamir Chiscyakov, 24, Gorgy Morozov, 28 and Valery Grishko, 29, are accused of breaching the peace in Bain Street, near the Gallowgate area, on Wednesday.

Grishko and Chiscyakov are also charged with assaulting police officers and Evegeny Morozov also allegedly hindered police officers as they were trying to make arrests.

They denied the charges and are scheduled to go to trial later this month. They were all released on bail with the conditions they surrendered their passports to the court.

(с) http://news.stv.tv/scotland/204673-spartak-moscow-fans-breached-peace-in-fights-on-day-of-celtic-game/
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