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Лига Чемпионов: АЕК (Греция) - цска Москва (Россия) 25.07.2017

Комментарий юзера из форума Ultras - Tifo nikitas21  Jul 25 2017, 22:39 

here are some photos from today's match AEK Athens vs CSKA moscow from AEK side.
  Also what a cska moscow fan said about small numbers and how it is difficult to organise such a trip (from russia to greece and the opposite) stands for us, AEK fans, too. the cost is about 400-500 euros just to get the visa and the tickets so you better dont judge small numbers in such games.
  Finally,a small story from today's game; there was a small fight (5 vs 5) outside gate 15 of the olympic stadium, where mostly nationalist AEK hooligans from Patissia and Getto go. A group of 5 russians was passing by, one of them was singing a cska chant i guess, an AEK hool told him to shut up, the russian guy told him to fuck off in greek and so a small fight took place in equal numbers where AEK won. 3 russians ran,2 beaten, the one that was beaten a little harder was given back to his friends. Nothing important really, just mentioning the stroy.

Судя по комменту фанаты АЕКа увидели мимо проходящих  пятерых фанатов цска. Один из фанатов цска распевая кричалку своего клуба ,что определенно не понравилось одному хулигану из АЕКа. Фанат сказал ему замолчать, а россиянин сказал ему на греческом языке отвалить.   В итоге  это вылилось в танцы  5 на 5 где греки одержали вверх трое сбежали, а двоих добили. Позже  их вернули убежавшим друзьям.
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